How To Fix A Noisy Refrigerator

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Published: 19th December 2010
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I don't know about you but I tend to get irritated when I hear the loud whirring noise of appliances. This is why I check the appliances I buy first if it has smooth suspension system or similar technologies to make sure that it will run smoothly. But I don't expect this feature to last long. Refrigerators, for instance, get noisier as they get older.

If you are dealing with a noisy refrigerator right now, why don't you check out the following steps on how to fix it?

1. The first thing you need to do is to check the fan. This is the usual origin of the noise. Get the manual of your fridge and locate the evaporator fan motor. It is usually found at the back or the bottom of the fridge. Remove the cover and find out if the noise is coming from the fan installed in it. Replace the fan with a new one.

2. If the noise is coming from inside the fridge, it is probably caused by the defrost timer of the machine. Try locating the timer near the control area. Have it replaced by a professional. A professional can install the new timer better.

3. Also check the back of the fridge. Check if the noise is coming from the compressor. Remove the back panel of the fridge and check the compressor. If something is obstructing the compressor or the fan, remove it. You might also need to change the compressor or the fan at the back of the machine.

4. Try cleaning the coils. It could be the machine overworking itself in maintaining the right level of temperature inside. The sudden increase in temperature usually happens when the coils cannot exhaust hot air easily. This happens if you do not regularly clean the back of the fridge. Use a shop vacuum to clean the coils.

5. You might also want to leave at least 3 inches of space in between the fridge and the wall of your kitchen. When installing, you need to give the machine ample space to breathe and exhaust hot air. This will prevent the interior of the machine from getting warmer. In doing so, it will stop forcing the motor to work harder.

Keeping your fridge clean prevents noise problems. Also avoid opening and closing the door of the machine frequently. I found out that the machine tends to produce a lot of noise when it is working harder to lower down the temperature inside. If you frequently open and close the door, the temperature inside will increase.


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